Customer Support & Biomedical Service​​

Providing outstanding customer support and delivering exceptional biomedical services  

Biomedical Engineering Services

Bioline offers a comprehensive range of biomedical engineering services for lab diagnostics equipment. This includes installation, training, safety checks, maintenance, recalls and remote support. 

Our team of experts provides high-quality services to ensure that equipment operates efficiently and effectively, and we are committed to providing the support for a smooth laboratory run.  

Bioline recognizes the significance of monitoring the service history of lab equipment. To ensure this, Bioline keeps comprehensive technical reports of all services performed, which are securely saved in their online Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 

Services provided: 

  • Installation and Commissioning 
  • Training 
  • Safety Checks 
  • Corrective Maintenance 
  • Preventive Maintenance 
  • Remote Support

NHRA Compliance 

Our company fully complies with NHRA regulations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Compliance Services to support Bioline product sales and marketing.  

Our commitment is to efficiently handle all necessary activities, including importation permits, device registration, post-market surveillance, safety notices, device classification, and special shipments clearance, providing customers with high-quality medical products.

Our Services

One World Accuracy (1WA)

Oneworld Accuracy provides more than 260 External Quality Assessment (EQA) programs covering a wide range of laboratory disciplines, including Molecular Diagnostics and Nucleic Acid Testing.


We at Bioline offer The RightMed Comprehensive Test is a pharmacogenomic (PGx) test designed to examine an individual's DNA, assisting doctors and pharmacists in predicting their response to specific medications. The test covers a broad range of medications for treating various medical conditions, including cancer, psychiatric disorders, chronic pain, cardiovascular disease.