Molecular Diagnostics

Explore our cutting-edge molecular diagnostics solutions for accurate disease detection and genetic analysis, setting the standard for healthcare excellence.

Pioneering Molecular Diagnostics for Precision Healthcare

In the realm of molecular diagnostics, our extensive range of products and services is thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of laboratories specializing in genomics, genetic testing, and personalized medicine. These laboratory disciplines play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of human biology, improving patient care, and contributing to the development of targeted therapies and precision medicine.

High-quality products and services to laboratories specializing in genomics, genetic testing, and personalized medicine.

Product Range

Molecular Diagnostic Instruments

PCR Machines, DNA Sequencers, Real-time PCR Systems, Nucleic Acid Extractors, Microarray Scanners

Reagents and Consumables

PCR Reagents, DNA and RNA Extraction Kits, Nucleic Acid Stains, Buffers and Enzymes, PCR Plates and Tubes, Sequencing Consumables

Molecular Diagnostic Kits

Infectious Disease Detection Kits, Genetic Testing Kits, Cancer Biomarker Kits, Drug Resistance Testing Kits, Genotyping Kits, Gene Expression Analysis Kits

Molecular Diagnostic Accessories

Thermal Cyclers, Pipettes and Pipette Tips, PCR Tube and Plate Sealers, Thermal Cycler Blocks, Electrophoresis Equipment


Genetic Testing, Drug Response Profiling, Genotyping Kits, Personalized Medicine Solutions

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Sequencing Technology, Sample Preparation Kits, NGS Analysis & Services, Data Interpretation


Transplant Compatibility, HLA Typing, Graft Monitoring Tools, Organ Monitoring Solutions, Immune System Profiling, Transplant Outcome Assessment

Bioinformatics and Data Analysis

Data Processing Software, Statistical Analysis Tools, Bioinformatics Software & Services

Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA)

Targeted Gene Analysis, Copy Number Variation Detection, Custom Probe Design, Data Analysis