Core Lab Solutions

State-of-the-art analytical solutions, expert insights, and cutting-edge technologies to empower scientific research and advance discoveries across diverse fields of study.

Delivering medical insights through innovation and expertise

Our comprehensive core lab offerings are thoughtfully designed to address the practical needs and challenges laboratories encounter daily. We recognize the unique hurdles faced by laboratories, and our solutions are strategically crafted to streamline operations and elevate diagnostic capabilities. Whether it involves cutting-edge instruments or seamless process integration, our commitment is to empower laboratories for peak performance and unwavering accuracy.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence is further sustained by our valued partnerships with reputable manufacturers.

Clinical Chemistry

Chemistry analyzers & reagents, blood glucose monitors, electrolytes analyzers, linearity testing.


Hematology analyzers, complete blood count (CBC) reagents, reticulocyte analyzers, hemoglobin meters, ESR analyzers.


Culture systems, identification kits, antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) panels, automated microbial identification systems.


Immunoassay platforms, antigen-antibody reagents, autoimmune disorder panels, digital cell analyzers, ELISA and IFA analyzers and kits, CLIA analyzers and kits.


Tissue processors, microtomes, H&E staining kits, slide stainers, microscope slides.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometers, fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies, cell sorting reagents.


Coagulation analyzers, PT and APTT reagents, D-dimer assays, coagulation factor assays.


Urinalysis analyzers, urine test strips, sediment analysis kits.