Working towards a future of improved patient well-being.

Mission Statement

To fulfil the needs of our customers by providing them with innovative & high-quality diagnostic products and services that meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

Vision Statement

To be the leading supplier of medical diagnostic products and services in the region.


Due to the competitive levels and the enormous numbers of manufacturers and distributors, BioLine has decided to be in the unique, niche and sophisticated technology business, where our messages and services to our clients are clear and remarkably distinguished; therefore, we have managed to build a business with solid foundation.  

Core Values

Quality: Providing the highest quality medical supplies and equipment to customers. 

Customer Focus: Understanding customers' unique needs and providing tailored solutions. 

Innovation: Staying at the forefront of the healthcare industry by offering access to the latest medical technologies and equipment. 

Integrity: Conducting business with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. 

Teamwork: Working collaboratively to achieve common objectives and supporting each other. 

Continuous Improvement: Investing in people, processes, and technology to continuously improve operations, products, and services.