Our Core Lab Unit

Our core laboratory solutions cater to laboratories of all sizes – small, medium, or large – by providing diverse platforms and solutions. We cover all essential functions and services of diagnostic units and represent several reputable international manufacturers and suppliers, enabling us to offer complete solutions to our customers.


  • Complete Solution – Advanced technology including microscopic analysis and digital flow morphology 
  • Ease of Use – Intuitive user interface with advanced QC management and security function
  • Increase Productivity - Workflow optimization and convenient data management

Urine analyzers are medical instruments that are used to examine and measure various components in urine, such as pH, specific gravity, protein, glucose, ketones, and other substances. These analyzers help in diagnosing and monitoring various medical conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and urinary tract infections.
The examination of urine in a laboratory setting, also known as urinalysis, is utilized for the detection and management of various disorders. However, to ensure high-throughput operations and reduce the need for manual intervention, modern urinalysis laboratories require reliable solutions that establish standardized processes.

We provide a selection of urine analyzers ranging from semi-automated to fully automated analyzers to fit various laboratory sizes.

Erba Laura Smart

Boost Laboratory Efficiency with Objective Photometric Evaluation Technology

Laura Smart:

Laura Smart is a semi-automated compact urine strip reader.

Device specifications:

  • 60 strips per hour in Standard mode
  • 240 strips per hour with in Smart Timing® mode
  • 360 tests memory capacity 

Main features: 

  • Smart sample identification: sequential, sample ID 
  • Automatic compensation of atypical sample color
  • Manual entry of sample color and turbidity with customizable category names
  • Portable mode using batteries 
  • Easy and quick quality check with control strips

Erba Laura 
Optimize Laboratory Workflows and Reduce Manual Labor with Semi-automated Urinalysis Evaluation


Laura is a semi-automated urine strip reader that is suitable for small to medium sized laboratories. 

Device specifications:

  • Up to 240 strips per hour in Standard mode
  • 1000 tests memory capacity 

Main features:

  • Workflow optimization and convenient data management
  • Advanced QC management and security function
  • Proven PHAN technology and testing flexibility

Erba Laura XL

Optimize Your Laboratory's Urine Sample Processing Capabilities with Our Fully Automated Advanced Technology Laura XL Analyzer 

Laura XL:

Laura XL is a fully automated urine analyzer. 

Device specifications:

  • Image analysis of a photo of a strip and digital microscopy 
  • Three analytical modes: chemistry, sediments, and hybrid
  • Up to 125 tests per hour for sediment or hybrid mode
  • Up to 160 tests per hour for chemistry mode
  • 120 samples (12 racks x 10 tubes) loading capacity 

Main features:

  • Intuitive software - display of the entire image of urinary sediment in 15 photos
  • Useful Notifications of discrepancies in the result from the diagnostic strip and sediment
  • Efficient fluidics system requires just 0.9 mL of urine
  • Active humidity protection
  • Automatic programmed maintenance


Point of Care Testing (POCT) devices have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience, speed, and accuracy. These devices are designed to perform diagnostic tests at or near the patient's location, providing rapid results and enabling healthcare providers to make clinical decisions in real-time.

Bioline's POCT devices provide quick and timely diagnosis, resulting in rapid results. Additionally, they are a cost-effective and can reduce the need for further laboratory testing.

Boditech Ichroma™ II 

A user-friendly and compact diagnostic immuno-analyzer that detects the presence of various biomarkers related to cardiac, cancer, hormones, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic diseases.

Device specifications:

  • Up to 30 tests/ hour
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • 1,000 patient results

Main features:

  • Small, compact, and light
  • On- board QC & System check
  • LIS/ HIS compatible 


Our complete Molecular specializes in utilizing molecular sciences for research applications, as well as for diagnosing infectious diseases and tumor markers. The offering includes Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Nucleic Acid Extraction, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Research and Diagnostic Assays and Library Preparation Solutions.

PCR Testing

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a powerful molecular biology technique used to amplify DNA segments by repeatedly replicating them. PCR has revolutionized the field of molecular biology and has become a fundamental tool in genetic research, disease diagnosis, and forensic analysis.

PCR is used in a wide range of applications, including the detection and quantification of pathogens, identification of genetic mutations and variations, analysis of gene expression, and DNA sequencing. The technique is highly sensitive, specific, and relatively easy to perform, making it an essential tool for researchers and clinicians alike. 

Additionally, advancements in PCR technology have led to the development of faster and more efficient PCR systems, enabling researchers to obtain results quickly and accurately.

Cell Culture Media and Supplements

Stemcell Technologies offers a range of cell culture media and supplements designed to provide optimal conditions for the growth and maintenance of different cell types. These products are formulated with specific components to support the growth, survival, and function of cells in culture, and are available in a variety of formats and formulations to meet the needs of researchers working with different cell types and applications.

Stemcell's offerings of cell culture media and supplements are designed to provide researchers with the tools they need to culture and manipulate different cell types in vitro. These products are formulated with high-quality components and are rigorously tested to ensure consistent performance, and can be used in a variety of applications, from basic research to clinical applications.

  • Media and Supplements for Your Cells and Tissues
  • Pluripotent
  • Hematopoietic
  • Neural
  • Immune
  • Mesenchymal
  • Mammary
  • Pancreatic
  • Prostate
  • Pulmonary
  • Intestinal
  • Endothelial
  • CHO Cells and Hybridomas

Specialized Cell Culture Media and Supplements

Not all cells are equal and different cell types require different in vitro culture conditions to achieve optimal growth and performance. Stemcell specialized cell culture media and supplements are optimized for specific cell or tissue types and applications, such as cell maintenance, expansion, differentiation, functional assays, and more. Whether you are working with cells isolated from human tissues or from other species, cell culture media and supplements fit into every step of your experimental workflow.